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Florence City Focus


Florence was one of those cities that went way too fast, we arrived around lunchtime and then were gone by 7.30am the following morning. It is also very expensive for busses to drive in any of the cities in Italy (here Giovani paid EUR240.00 for the bus to enter, however could still only drive around outside and down one side street) so it is often quite a walk from where the bus parks to get to where you are sightseeing, which also takes time. We went to a leather goods and jewellery manufacturer and they explained how these things are made. We then we had a walking tour of the city which included the Academy of fine arts museum where the ‘real’ Michelangelo’s David is – there is also a copy in Signoria square which we also saw.

The Hotel we stayed at was quite a way out of the city (once again because of cost in city), but we had our bus, dinner at hotel and not much time for anything else anyway so this did not matter at all.

Dinner included at our Hotel was three courses – first course a pasta dish one again, second course Beef Bourgnon and beans and third course icecream. Soft drinks are quite expensive in Italy - to give you an idea a coke with dinner was EUR5.00 (approx NZD$8.00) or a rum/bourbon and coke was EUR8.00 (approx NZD$13.00). I had a panini one day for lunch which was really nice and cost EUR4.00 (approx NZD$7.00) and also a small tub of ‘the best Gelato in Florence’ was EUR3.50 (approx NZD$6.00). 

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