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(By Brooke Bailey)

I was lucky enough to visit Edinburgh during Fringe festival which happens once a year during August it attracts comedians and other acts from all over the world and it really is a great experience.

I stayed close to the Royal mile which is the main road leading up to Edinburgh Castle it was buzzing with street performers and comedians all jostling to get you into see their shows who knows you may be going to see the next big thing! You do need to purchase tickets to see the bigger names but good deals are available at the box office during the day.

Also on when I was visiting was the Military Tattoo at Edinburgh castle, I was not organized enough to purchase tickets and I was told they are impossible to get without booking well in advance but the sound of the bands are heard from the Royal mile and the finale of fireworks lit up the Edinburgh skyline, If you are looking to travel on a coach tour around the UK tour companies usually offer this as an inclusion or an extra to purchase in advance if the tour visits Edinburgh during the Tattoo.

Edinburgh Castle is a must see as is climbing up to Arthur’s seat where if you make it all the way up to the top the views are stunning. It’s a lovely city to just wonder around and discover neat cobbled alleyways with secret shops and on every other corner a chip shop selling deep-fried haggis, or if you want something a bit tamer perhaps try a deep-fried Mars bar.

If you are planning to visit Edinburgh during August it is advisable to book well in advance as Hotel prices skyrocket and availability is very limited.

Edinburgh is a great base to explore the highlands and a great way to see the area is by a small group tour they range from 1-10 days and there is one to suit every budget who wants to be driving when there is stunning scenery and of course all that fine scotch whiskey to be drunk in the evening.

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