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Future Flight & Boeing Factory Tour; Seattle, USA - Part 1; by Nathan Parsons

11 July 2011


A Future Flight and Boeing Factory Tour; by Nathan Parsons, Aged 12yrs - Client of McIntosh Travel


On July 13, 2011, Nana and I caught a taxi at 0800hrs from Edgewater Hotel on Pier 70 to Warwick Hotel, as our hotel was not one of the pick-up points for the tour bus to pick us up.  It was only about a five minute ride, but beats walking the steep hills of Seattle. We boarded our bus at 0830hrs and it was like having another narrative tour of the city as we picked up other people from various hotels around the city.  Seattle is beautiful, built on seven hills and has 48 blocks of shopping, which my mum would really love.  We then headed out of the city over one of the floating bridges to Everett, about 20 miles north of the city.  Our bus ride took about 45 minutes arriving at The Future of Flight Aviation Centre.  We were given a briefing on the strict security on what there was to do before having to meet at the theatre at 12pm and then going on the tour.

We first went up to the lookout on top of the Future of Flight building just in time to see an Emirates 777 taking off on a test flight.  There was a member of the Boeing team who was able to answer any questions.  Then it was down to the gallery where you can design your own Airplane and have it printed on a T-shirt or poster at no extra cost, strap yourself into the Innovator for an exhilirating trip to anywhere you like.  You can touch the high-tech skin of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, sit in their new seats, plus lots more - as long as you have purchased your tickets as you needed these to activate the exhibits and displays. We rented a locker, which cost us $2.00, to put our personal items in including cameras as Boeing doesn't permit them on tour.  We met at the theatre just before 12pm and were put into two groups, A and B.  We were in group B.  The film was about how Mr William Boeing started flying and building the Boeing planes, it lasted about 15 minutes.  It was then time to board our bus and go behind the scenes at Boeing.  In the world's largest building, measured by volume (472,000,000 cubic feet) visitors will see airplanes being built for our world wide base of airline customers.  The bus took us across to the factory, we hopped off and walked down 21 steps, walked about one third of a mile underground, then rode a huge elevator 35 feet to an elevation above the factory floor, where we had a one-of-a-kind opporturnity to view the 747, 767 and 777 being assembled on the production line before they take off to the sky.  We were able to see the planes at various different stages being built.  We then boarded the bus to another part of the building to see the new 787 Dreamliner at its different stages of being  built. The 787 is the most fuel efficient twin aisle plane available, it doesn't have window shades, you touch the window and it gets dark. The tour lasts about 90 minutes, it was very interesting and exciting to see.

...continued on in Part 2                                           

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