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Future Flight & Boeing Factory Tour; Seattle, USA - Part 2; by Nathan Parsons

11 July 2011


....continued from Part 1

A Future Flight & Boeing Factory Tour

The Boeing factory has seven doors on each side, and each side is the size of an American football field, it takes about four minutes to open a door - Disneyland and 12 acres of carpark can fit in the building! The new planes are taken out of the factory in the middle of the night, as a major freeway passes through the Boeing ground, there is a bridge that passes over the freeway. They take the sides of the bridge down and, as you can imagine, it is a spectacular sight - and it would cause a big traffic jam. There are about 30,000 employees and it is a city on its own. We were taken back to the Aviation Centre which has two excellent shops and a cafe. We had time to buy a plane or three before it was time to board the bus back to Seattle. Our bus driver allowed us to wait and watch a 787 taking off on its first test flight.

This was one of the highlights of our holiday I will never forget, just to watch the very same jets being assembled on which one day you and I might be a passenger - my dream of going to the Boeing Factory was fulfilled.

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