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Galaxy Travel Gals.....Been there, done that....

05 April 2012


Galaxy Travel Gals....   Been There, Done That...   (and not limited to!....)

• Gondola ride down the canals in Venice

• Planking at the Great Wall of China

• Nightlife in Las Vegas

• Exploring inside the pyramids in Egypt

• Filleting fish in Iceland

• Finding the best food in Kathmandu

• Death by tickling, Bali massage

• Contiki tour of Europe

• Cyclo through Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

• Stood at the mighty Grand Canyon

• Grand Bazaar market in Istanbul

• Walking the seven stations of the cross in Jerusalem

• Elephant riding in Thailand

• Squeezing through the Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam

• Gold Souks in Dubai

• Floating markets Bangkok

• Oktoberfest in the rain- Germany

• White Christmas in London

• Camel riding in Egypt

• Cruising the Murray River in a houseboat

• Floating in the Black Sea

• Shoes & Handbag shopping in Buenos Aires

• Living in Luxury Lodges, Kenya and Botswana

• Surviving a sandstorm in the Baluchistan Desert, Iran

• Taj Mahal at sunrise

• Hooking a Walu, Samoa

• Snorkelling with a turtle in the Maldives

• Shopping at midnight in Time Square New York

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