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It's 25 March 2015...

Our Ballot tickets for Gallipoli arrived last week! So very exciting, reality is now really setting in. My bags are out on the floor for packing, I'm sorting out my currency and in one month, we'll be off to Turkey along with 2000 other Kiwis to attend the Gallipoli 100th year celebrations at dawn on the 25th.

I am expecting it to be the most moving experience I will ever have. I keep telling myself that I will be 100 times better off than they were 100 years ago. My hardship of having to sleep under the stars will be for only 12 hours compared to the days and months our soldiers endured. Taking plenty of tissues!

LEST WE FORGET means so much.

As part of my Gallipoli journey for the Anzac 100 year commemoration, I'll be also be taking a side trip to Belgium to visit the World War One sites. Please feel free to follow me on this incredible journey here

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