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For those garden buffs that enjoy the visual symphony of a beautiful garden, here is a special trip for you to experience. Floriade 2012 is a World Horticultural Expo staged once every 10 years in the Netherlands. During the period from April until mid-October 2012, the sixth edition of Floriade will be organised in Venlo, Netherlands. Participating countries, businesses and horticultural companies and public and semi-public bodies present visitors to Floriade 2012 with the opportunity to enjoy the world's most exquisite and exceptional flowers, plants, trees and fruit and vegetables.

The Floriade Park covers 66 hectares and encompasses 5 unique themed worlds separated by wooded areas. Each world has its own decor, programme and activities. Worlds in which you'll see, feel, taste and experience nature in a totally different way each time. You will find yourself immersed in a melting pot of cultures where you will be introduced to different customs and rituals. And of course there will also be plenty of attention for the regional culture of the province of Limburg. Flowers and food!!! Enjoy typical gastronomic delights in the attractive restaurants. Here they serve regional dishes and refreshments, and all the meals will be prepared using seasonal products.

Floriade Park is magnificent, always in bloom and different every time you visit. Every day there is a unique programme crammed full of workshops, stage shows and acts by major artistes. Floriade will amaze you again and again - every day.

Floriade 2012 Why not incorporate this fantastic expo with a beautiful relaxing river cruise, and be  escorted into the show, with no lines or queues

 to hold you up?


So whether you’re an annual Ellerslie Flower Show buff, or just enjoy the beauty of nature, this could bethe trip for you.  And remember that this amazing expo is only held every 10 years, so don’t miss out…

call into see us at McIntosh Travel World Travellers and let us organise an experience of a lifetime to this amazing expo…. you wont regret it… because like you, we are World Travellers.

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