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Hamish Whyte, owner and managing director of Furnware Industries, has been using the services of Best Travel for over 18 years.

With a large national and international customer base, Hamish’s work sees him travelling within New Zealand at least weekly, and taking international trips, on average, twice monthly.

“Within New Zealand I travel all over but the majority of my trips are up to Auckland,” says Hamish. “My international trips include a monthly trip to Melbourne, and also regular trips to Asia, UAE and Europe.”

With Hamish making around 30 national and 15 international trips per year he needs someone he can trust to plan and book his travel. That’s why he uses Best Travel designer, Frazer Best. “My confidence in Best Travel is the relationship I have with Frazer, we have worked closely for a very long time,” says Hamish.

“Frazer is experienced, professional, knowledgeable, honest, and available 24/7. I trust him to take care of all aspects of my travel, including flights, hotels, rental cars and visa advice.

“He knows what I expect and that my trips are usually hectic so I require good connections and the most direct routes.”

Hamish adds that although Best Travel is a small company it is big at heart. “All the people I deal with appreciate that I expect quick, competent service. I’m busy and travel is essential to my company’s success, whether it’s me travelling or any of my team, I expect the same service. Furnware is a company built on customer service and we don’t deal with companies that aren’t the same,” he says.

Published in Best’s September 2010 newsletter

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