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USA, here I come! Was the statement going round my head as we landed first at Los Angeles airport. With a whole 8 hours before our next flight to Las Vegas we decided to check-out Santa Monica area, famous for it’s beach & theme park on the Pier. I also spotted the famous Bubba Gump Shrimp Company & relived a few Forest Gump moments – boiled shrimp, shrimp cocktail, shrimp soup……………… Need I say more.

Following a short flight to Las Vegas and after settling into the MGM Grande at 2am after a long day, sleep was upper-most on my mind, but who sleeps in this, ‘The City that Never Sleeps’?

‘Hooters’ was another stop we made, need I explain this bar/hotel or is the name and its reputation enough to speak for itself?

Obviously a well financed enterprise, just look at the vehicles they own. “Hard Rock Café” Viva Las Vegas, was another must stop and see.

Once we left Las Vegas on the “Lux Bus” heading for Los Angeles we discovered a general store on ‘Route 66’ at our dinner stop; so of course one had to have photograph taken there.

Sights and scenes are too many to recount as we discovered Disneyland. Breakfasting in Goofy’s Kitchen, photo opportunities couldn’t be missed as I was ‘snapped’ with Goofy, Pluto (whom also worked there) and Baloo the bear from Jungle Book. Disney at night was an amazing sight to behold, a light show spectacular.

We enjoyed a tour at Universal Studios and watched as TV sets were painted and slightly altered for different programs and watched in awe as a flash-flood appeared from nowhere and swept through one of the sets. There was so much to see from Spongebob Square Pants to cars that were used in filming Back to the Future, to a photo shoot with the crew of Apollo 13. Something for everyone!

One other activity that I discovered at Boulder City – just outside Las Vegas, as ‘a must do’ is zip-lining. Fearful of heights myself, my nerves were extremely frayed as I was fastened into a harness and found myself flying at some pretty decent speeds up to 60mph between platforms.

Overall it was a fantastic trip and there was some hard work involved. In total I have recently visited 16 hotels in Las Vegas and the Anaheim area of Los Angeles and have some great recommendations for families and or couples/groups.

Famil Group photo

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