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This is my favourite programme on TV right now. We are fortunate to have just returned From a week experiencing our very own “Hawaii 5-0”.

We attended the World Travellers Grand Famil-our name for our annual travel gathering. Rather than sitting in a dark windowless conference room discussing the logistics of Travel, we experienced Hawaii for what it had to offer.

Some Hawaii 5-0 tips and observances:

* The Pineapple Sundae at the Dole Pineapple Plantation is delicious!

* The lobby of The Sheraton Waikiki is busier than the Beijing Railway station.

* My Favourite food-garlic shrimp, coconut shrimp, chilli shrimp. Any sort of shrimp –purchased from the shrimp trucks-approx.   USD10.00 a serving. Yum!

* It is difficult to see over the bonnet of a Mustang convertible being short.

* I have not forgotten how to ride a horse!

* Yes the waves really are HUGE on the North Shore-25foot and rolling.

* The busiest store at both the Ala Moana Shopping Complex and Downtown Waikiki Is the Apple Store. (not the fruit)

* Lots of movies have been filmed around the island of Waikiki.

* Cocktails are only two dollars more than a beer or a glass of wine.

* Clothing shopping very reasonable. Try the Waikele Outlet complex.

* Check in online with Hawaiian Airlines within 24 hours of travel and pay USD75.00 your seat to one with 9cms extra legroom. Well worth it.

* It is easy to fill a week in Hawaii-make it 10days.

I was on the lookout for “Danno”. Saw some 5-0 filming in Waikiki-and have been glued To the screen since being back-checking all the locations I can recognise.

“Book em Danno!”

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