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We have been sleeping at 8,000-9,000 feet above sea level and on the snow, up to 13,000 feet.

If you have a high altitude holiday coming up, here are some tips to help the transition and minimise the discomfort.

  • Be Fit. Walking every day for thirty minutes including a couple of hills is not too difficult to fit in to a busy schedule, either before work or walking the dog.  This will help you aerobically.  Generally being fit for any travel enhances the experience as there is always lots of walking required.
  • Drink lots of water.  Minimise the alcohol consumption. The atmosphere up high is much drier so this  combats dehydratio
  • Take it easy, especially on arrival. Do not do what we always do..rush out and do strenuous activity on the first day..we are always told to take it easy the first day to acclimatise..(easy to say but hard to do when the sun is shining and there is new snow).
  • Take some Quickeze from New Zealand with you and keep them in your pocket to chew on if you are feeling nauseous. The equivalent in The USA is Tums. We found them in a Service station. Works a treat. I have also been told Gatorade does the same thing for some unknown reason.

For the first few days we notice our hearts pounding with the minimum amount of exertion. Sometimes a dull headache.  Sometimes a bit of nausea. Nothing major luckily. After a couple of days we adjusted just fine.

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