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Iguazu Falls - Jet Boat Excursion

A Jet Boat Excursion - this thrilling ride cuts right through the turbulent rapids of the Río de Iguazú and into the misty bottoms of Iguazú Falls itself. Both the Brazil side and Argentina side run jet boat tours. The Brazil side tends to focus on the section downstream from the Devil's Throat (going under the Three Musketeers waterfalls) while the Argentina side visits both the Three Musketeers waterfalls and the gushing Salto San Martín. I did this tour and although I knew I would get wet, little did I know I was going to be seriously drenched!

The cruise up the river towards the falls is definitely entertaining because the boats are powered by two large engines which are needed to navigate the rapids. There is time for taking photos and then to secure your camera and other devices in the dry bags provided and then the real fun began. The boat took off towards the falls, went right under the sides of the falls and did 360's at the base of the falls. We got soaked and swamped but it was a great adrenalin rush hearing the water pound around you. We played at the bottom of the falls for about 15-20 minutes and it was fantastic. During the journey, the voyage is video taped for your subsequent purchase.

Tip - Your clothes will get a serious soaking so have a change of clothing with you.

Iguazu Falls


The Iguazú Falls moonlight walk is an adventure that no one experiencing it can forget! To do it you need to synchronize your trip to Iguazú Falls with the moon calendar since it is only possible for four or five nights during the full moon. Starting from the entrance of the park, guides lead you to the train that winds itself through the park, providing transit to Devil’s Throat, which otherwise is an hour’s walk. To get to the platform that overlooks Devil’s Throat you need to cross a number of river-spanning footbridges, a walk of around 10 minutes. In the middle of the night, in the middle of the jungle, in the middle of a three kilometre wide river which forms the falls, with both shores invisible and only a few scattered islands in sight, it is an eerie feeling. The moonlight reflects off the falls and depending on weather conditions you may witness the rare sight of a lunar rainbow.

Tip - There are usually three tours per night. The final tour puts you at the Devil’s Throat around midnight, but it is the first tour of the evening that gives you the best view of the falls because the moon is at its lowest point.

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