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India - Out of the box 2

18 February 2014



One of my highlights in Bombay would have to be Juhu Beach! In the evening it comes alive with so many food stalls, delicious handmade ice creams, people making sand sculptures, entertainment & all with the beautiful sunset back drop! You could spend

hours here! The shopping is also amazing in Bombay, but like Thailand you have to have fun bargaining!

Amritsar - Punjab

I had been told that a visit to the Golden Temple is a must in Amritsar, but what took my breath away was not how beautiful it’s architecture was, or the fact that it was partially covered in real gold donated by its followers, but how warm and welcoming they were to all people no matter what their religion was. They feed up to 40,000 people a day free, all made possible by volunteer work and donations. You are welcomed and taken right though the workings of the temple and shown exactly how they prepare meals for

40,000 people a will leave this temple in awe at how well a community can work together to look after people.


If you really want to see how life works in Delhi, you have to go to Old Delhi! They will take you on a Rickshaw ride through the extremely busy side streets of Delhi where they have miles of just markets and shops. There are different areas designated for Spice markets, Flower markets, Fruit & Vegetable markets, Home Wears markets, Clothing markets, Jewellery markets and of course the food markets! This will give you a glimpse into everyday lives that you will never forget!!

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