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India with World Journeys - Accommodation

20 May 2013

Some people might say that accommodation is just a place to put their head down.

But in intrepid places like India where some of the days are huge, you really do want a place where you can truly relax and not feel as if you need to spend every minute away from it, apart from sleeping. 

With World Journeys, it's part of the whole experience

With World Journeys, each property is chosen for its heritage, location, ambience and the unique features that it boasts. It's about an overall Indian experience that will leave you thinking fondly of the places you stayed at for many years to come!

So what were my favourites?

In Agra, the home of the Taj Mahal, I would not miss the opportunity to stay at the Oberoi Amar Vilas. This hotel is located only 600 Meters from the Taj Mahal, and all rooms, suites, lobby, bar & lounge offer breathtaking views of the Monument.

You'll start to notice that as you change regions, the accommodation, people, dialect & food styles will also begin change. The Heritage properties around India attract people from the villages closest to them, which they then train and employ. It was their friendliness and excellent service that made me feel like an individual rather than just another customer. I really can’t wait to go back again!!

Another property that really stood out for me was The Samode - what a once in a lifetime experience!! It's a palace that until quite recently housed the Maharajas and all the rooms have been kept in their original condition. Each room is completely different to the next, with massive and beautiful hallways covered in mosaic mirrors and coloured a large and gorgeous courtyard, and differently themed dining halls. Why have only one when you can have loads!! 

In Rajasthan, I was very impressed by the Safari Lodge that we stayed at, particularly the floor to ceiling glass in the bathrooms. There's nothing that beats watching the sunrise over the desert, horses grazing in the pasture, peacocks drinking out of your personal pool, all while you're taking a shower! Totally one of my highlights!!

The RASS in Jodhpur gets the title for best Mojito EVER!! Imagine sitting on the rooftop, a sea of blue atop white washed houses in the distance, all lit up by the Mehrangarh behind it - just spectacular!! It's impossible to soak up every detail but you try all the same. Oh, and probably a good time to mention that this property was rated by Time Magazine as “India’s Best Fortress”.

And let's not forget the Taj Lake Palace. If you didn't already feel like royalty, this will be the place that you do. Set on the shores of Lake Pichola Udaipur, it's completely surrounded by hills and to get there, you have to take a small boat across Lake Pichola. Then as you enter the Lake Palace, you get showered by rose petals! ROSE PETALS! It doesn't stop there; the meals will leave you feeling like you won't need to eat for another week and the evening dance shows will make you feel as if you've gone back it time and experiencing what the Maharajas would have. 

I loved India and for an experience of your own, with plenty of personal touches, please feel free to pop in and have a chat as I've got loads more to share with you. 

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