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India with World Journeys - Experiences

18 May 2013

India. You took my breath away.

Trying to sum up my experiences in India has been difficult to say the least. I've never been to a destination where I've been so excited to wake up and experience whatever the day has to offer. It was always surprising me... even though I'd seen the itinerary!!! India is the one country that with every 100km you drive - it all changes: the language, the clothing, the food and shopping. During our 9-day trip, I felt like we had a completely different experience from day to day. 

No matter where you stand in India, you could take a hundred pictures. I took 1950! The sights and sounds that surround you will be like no other place on earth. One of my recollections was that people were tooting where ever you went! Two days later, I figured out that the tooting was actually a signal system to let drivers know if someone wanted to overtake, slow down, or a  hundred other options that only the drivers understood. 

My highlights

One of my biggest highlights was of course the Taj Mahal. Nothing can prepare you for the moment that you stand in front of it and see the vast amount of love and work that went in to it. I suggest seeing the Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset as the Marble & Jewels change with the light!

One of the best (and unexpected) sights that I saw was a train that had loads of people sitting right across the top!!! It completely made my trip.

I also loved all the beautiful textile shops that contained so much materials everywhere, I just wanted to bring them all back!! (I might need to get a bigger house now!)

Another exciting experiences was when our coach had to take a detour though a narrow village shopping area. It could barely get through due to all the traffic & people and while our driver & assistant worked very hard trying to stop traffic and edge our way through some very tight spaces, we were having the time of our lives taking photos of all the excited people around us - all smiling and waving and trying to help us get through!!

It's been an expereince of a lifetime for me... and it will be for you too. 

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