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India with World Journeys - Wow

16 May 2013

World Journeys - you're amazing!

I have to say a huge thank you to World Journeys for my amazing experience in India!! World Journeys is a Tour Company that we organise specialised destinations like India through, and this trip was absolutely put together with New Zealanders in mind. 

Our adventure begins

We were met on arrival by our guide who would be with us for the duration of our stay, and our driver who had a special permit meaning that he was a safe driver and came with an assistant to guide him through even the most difficult areas. They'd all done their home work and knew about every region in New Zealand, which was a special and welcoming touch.  

Our first hotel was only 15mins from the Airport, and once you were in the gates of the property, you would not have believed that you were in Delhi!! It was so serene, and the attention to detail was sure to surprise even the most well travelled guest. On arrival to my room, I found a welcome card made of white chocolate, with my photo printed onto it and surrounded by handmade chocolates!! Now you don't get that sort of welcome everyday.

Yoga and food

I woke early the first morning, so excited and ready to experience everything that India had to offer! First stop - an early morning Yoga session on a beautiful green lawn with the soft smells of incense wafting around us. I followed that with what can only be described as a feast of a breakfast - they seemed to have all the continental options plus every dish from every region in India!!

And while we're on the food....

Before we arrived, I was very worried about eating and drinking in India but it was absolutely unneccesary as the food wasn't merely a meal, it was an experience! The quality of the restaurants that we dined at with World Journeys ensured that we were safe to eat and drink to our heart's content and every restaurant was carefully selected so that we had a unique experience with both surroundings and meals!! Which meant that in the end, I ate waaaaay to much!

It just kep getting better and better

We were told that with each stay, the property would just get better & better. That was pretty hard to believe once we arrived into the first hotel but it quickly became a complete understatement as true to their word, at each destination, the hotels turned into palaces or lodges with architecture that was so detailed, you could stare at it for hours and still not take all the details in.

India with World Journeys must be done - you will not regret it. 

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