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Insight always right for holiday travels

01 June 2011


Coralie Curtis is a fan of Insight Vacations, tours that include all transfers, accommodation, most meals and fantastic tour guides. Coralie completed Insight Vacation’s Turkey tour in 2009 and in 2010 embarked on a dream trip to Egypt and Jordan.

“Since I’d seen a friend’s photos of Petra, Jordan, I wanted to go there and Egypt has been on my travel 'to do' list for a long time. Once Christine Sheppard at Best Travel gave me the brochure, I was hooked then booked,” Coralie laughs.

Coralie particularly likes Insight’s flexibility with the option of adding on day trips and special excursions. “Visiting Alexandria was a great way to begin my holiday. The Egypt tour then officially started a day later in Cairo, included Giza and the Valley of the Kings, a four-day Nile cruise to the Aswan Dam, an optional flight to Abu Simbel, and return flights to Cairo.”

Coralie found Cairo vastly different, encountering a herd of goats in the city centre. Not surprisingly, the biggest highlight was visiting the pyramids. “It was more than breathtaking, the size was unbelievable. I found myself wondering how the amazing skills and expertise of the Egyptians had vanished. It’s incredible to think they built monuments of this vast size without modern technology.”

Also memorable were the temples of Ramses II and his wife at Abu Simbel, which were moved during Aswan Dam’s construction. “I thought to move these structures that they must be quite small, but they were huge and filled with several rooms.”

Coralie can only describe the luxurious gold of boy king, Tutankhamen in the Cairo museum as “mind-blowingly exquisite”.

In Jordan, the Insight group of 40 (two buses) ticked off Coralie’s wish list by spending a day exploring the amazing carved city of Petra. “The whole city is hidden in a cavern of stunning pink rock. It is beautiful. I met the New Zealand woman who married a Bedouin and, for eight years, lived in a traditional cave home. She is well known as the author of Married to a Bedouin and now runs a lovely souvenir shop selling handcrafted silver items.”

The tour continued past Bedouin camps and through the dessert. “I love the very real aspect Insight Vacations provides. The tour guides are residents of their respective countries with the gift of sharing personal accounts of what it is like living there.”

Another reason Coralie prefers Insight is the emphasis on safety. “I’m always picked up at every airport and every transfer is organised. I’ve always felt safe and I thank Christine for having the wisdom to select the most enjoyable holidays for me.”

Published in Best's December 2011 newsletter

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