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Insurance to tricky destinations

26 October 2016


You've just watched a documentary on the pyramids of Egypt and super keen to experience them for yourself. Or perhaps it was the Olympics in Brazil that inspired you. Wherever that new and exciting destination on your radar might be - it's probably a good idea to check that it's ok to travel there before you get too excited.

These risks will range from your personal health (for example areas affected by the Zika virus and Dengue fever) to destinations where civil unrest and terrorism may occur (for example Turkey and Egypt).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) outlines extreme, high and some risk areas following natural disasters, diseases, civil unrest and terrorism on their website here. If your travel falls within the extreme risk and high risk categories, it's very possible that travel insurance will not cover you.

And please please please do not just assume that you will be covered - always double check with your insurance provider before the policy is issued. For example, Cover-More Travel Insurance assesses high risk and extreme risk categories on a case-by-case basis and will be able to give you and your travel agent accurate information on what they will or won't cover on your policy.

Know before you go - check what your travel insurance covers

Travel insurance is intended to cover you for unforeseen circumstances from the time your policy is issued. That's why we recommend that you purchase your travel insurance the moment you pay for your travel as that will protect your trip against cancellation or travel disruption should a natural disaster or world event occur after your policy is issued.

Once a world event in a particular destination (for example an earthquake, cyclone, volcanic ash cloud, terrorism, civil unrest or a virus such as ebola or Zika) is published in the mass media and becomes "a known event", if you rush out to buy travel insurance after the event is known, it's very unlikely that you'll be covered for that specific event.

More information

Cover-More issues a travel advice whenever a world event affects the policy holders and updates this information on their website here. We also suggest that you not only check the status of the destinations you're travelling but also register and update your travel plans on the SafeTravel website here.

We're always here to support you - so don't hesitate to give us a call to talk through your options. And if we don't have the answers, we know what experts to talk to that will.

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