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Bula! We were lucky enough to spend the most hectic week of the year (the week before Christmas) in Fiji and stay at the beautiful Intercontinental Resort on Natadola Beach. No stress, no fuss there !!!

As this was our second trip there, we rented a car from the airport as the Intercontinental is an easy 50 minute drive away. The roads are good and sealed all the way.

The hotel is located on Natadola Beach, which is the most beautiful beach on the mainland of Fiji. It is a long white sandy beach that has excellent swimming, reef snorkelling, body surfing and surf breaks for beginners and experienced surfers.

On arrival at the Intercontinental you'll be impressed by the size of the arrivals area which extends around 150m down to check in - all with amazing views out to the gorgeous beach.

Check in was easy and stress free with the staff going out of their way to make sure you have a great experience right from the start. Probably the best hotel check in I have had for many years.

You're then taken from reception to your room by golf buggy as the resort is well spread out amongst beautiful gardens throughout. These golf buggers are available to you anytime – just ring and one will be right there to take you to your restaurant or facility of choice.

The rooms are of an extremely high standard with all the amenities you would expect from an Intercontinental property. Pure Fiji products are used in the bathrooms and replenished regularly. Ceiling fans and air conditioning allows you to regulate the heat of your room to suit yourself. If upstairs, the lovely terraces or balconies are huge and have day beds and chairs and an outdoor bath if you really want to relax. They also provide a wooden clothes dryer which is excellent for getting your bathing suits dry overnight. The terraces have large heavy curtains which you can pull across at anytime to get some privacy for that nap on the day bed in the afternoon!

All the facilities at the resort are exactly what you would expect of a property of this standard.

There are 3 different restaurants plus a bar that serves great snacks and tapas if you want something lighter. A New Zealand Ice cream shop is also there for the all important ice creams and milk shakes. There's and onsite dive centre and activities hut, plus daily programmes for adults and children. Let's not forget the beautiful spa that I used the last time we were there - very Zen! Kids club is available if you can get the kids out of the children’s pool, and the adults pool - an infinity pool that overlooks beautiful Natadola Beach - is exactly that and very quiet!!

There were a couple of things that really impressed me and made this a true 5 star property:

The first thing was the pool towels - I don’t know about you but I hate having to sign in/out pool towels or even worse have cards that need to be handed over to get a towel. If you don’t return those cards at the end they will charge you, which is absolutely not good business practice as far as I'm concerned. The Intercontinental not only has beautiful, big, soft towels, but they were always available around the pool areas. They're put onto the deck chairs each morning and replaced throughout the day, plus there was also a few large cabinets with extra supplies that you could grab at any time. Wonderful!!!

The second thing was the little touches - big platters of pineapple or watermelon, plus large jugs of ice water with lemon/lime taken from guest to guest around the pool by the lovely staff. There was also very large silver bowls filled with apples that you could help yourself to (cooled with ice to keep them crisp during the hot weather). All this just to help refresh you and make you feel special... which I certainly did!

And then on Christmas day, several staff arrived at our door with a small gift and Christmas Card – how awesome is that!!

Well done Intercontinental – you're truly a 5-star experience located on a 5-star beach and I will absolutely be back !!!

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