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We’ve arrived at the Rocky Mountaineer Station in Vancouver for dinner & tour of the train. Unfortunately we don’t get to leave the station though.
Such a treat to see this... The Rocky Mountaineer offers train vacation trips through Canada seeing the most spectacular of scenery in different areas such as Canadian Rockies, Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, Whistler and more, with trips ranging from 2-25 days. For most people, it’s one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ trips.
There is 3 different classes of travel on the train...
The ‘Red Leaf’ carriage has roomy seats with large windows where you are served cold breakfast & lunch at your seat. 
‘Silver Leaf’ is a new exciting option they are about to launch. The windows are slightly bigger and the meals are hot plus some extras.
My favourite by far was ‘Gold Leaf’. We walk up the stairs (there is also a lift!) of this 2 storey carriage and say ‘wow’. The windows curve up onto part of the roof creating a ‘dome’ look giving you the greatest viewing area to see the amazing scenery as you travel. It’s bright & airy and seats are just as spacious with the option to turn a set of 2 seats around so you can face each other – perfect if travelling with friends or family.
We head downstairs for dinner in the dining car and are equally as impressed. We thoroughly enjoy our 3
course dinner that is served & prepared on board by the chefs and dined with 3 other travellers at our table
with the full works including wine etc.
Your train journey is during the day so you see the best of Canada & you stop at different locations for your  overnight stops & to experience those places.
You choose the standard of accommodation you’d like at the stops. If Canada is on your bucket list, why not consider an amazing trip on the Rocky Mountaineer? 
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