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The giant Fijian appears at my cabin door. "BULA" in a soft deep Barry White

voice. "Can I take your bag Mam?" He has on navy blue shorts size XXXL spattered

with paint, and a white well worn Captain Cook T-shirt. Huge work boots, no socks,

and a tattoo creeping up his leg. He was the same man singing in the band last night.

After a stormy night of wind and rain, we are back in Nadi Bay. The ship glided through

the waves and I slept like a baby, only to be awakened occasionally by an extra strong gust of wind.

We have just completed a four day, three night Captain Cook Cruise to the Southern Yasawa Islands.

Our home, "Reef Explorer" sleep's 100 in many different cabin configurations. The pool has been well

utilised and the food fantastic. We have been catered to our every want and need. The sun shone,

the snorkelling magical in a very comfortable 30 degree bath.

The highlight, a visit to a village school, seeing the basic, old fashioned classrooms, and listening

to the innocent, harmonic singing. Esi, aged 9, wants me to write to him and send him a cap,

a maths book, a pen and a ball. One of our group brought rugby balls, a pump and rugby shirts.

He is a hero. The All Blacks are gods, "Carter", "Sonny Bill", "Nonu". No mention of Stephen Donald!

Home today. The sky is grey and tropical but clearing. It is a respite from the sunny South Yasawa

skies. The temperature is probably 25 degrees and its 7.30am. The dream is over..Isa Lei...  

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