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How do I choose the best bit from my recent visit to Galapagos?

Was it the opportunity to experience this group of Volcanic Islands, and learn all about its history and biology?

Or getting to sleep aboard our five star floating hotel, “La Pinta” for three nights, and being looked after and educated by the onboard naturlists and crew.

Was it snorkelling with the sealions beneath the dramatic cliffs and sharing their dark azure crystal clear waters?

Or sharing crashing waves and bleached sands with the only marine iguanas In the world?

Was it finally viewing the Blue Footed Boobys nesting high above the crashing shoreline?

Or observing the cumbersome gigantic tortoises, in both the sanctuaries set up to preserve their species and those in the wild- eating grass in the paddocks just like the cows and lumbering across the red rock roads in front of our bus? So bizarre!

The best bit would have to be just 'BEING' in Galapagos!

The bad bit is now NOT being there.

If you do one trip in this lifetime, make it Galapagos..... it's extraordinary and you won't regret it!!

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