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Just back from New York!

Where we stayed

In Chelsea at The Gem, 300 22nd Street. Brilliant location. Quiet street. Older hotel, small, personal, rooms really small, has a rooftop bar area (just being redone).

Memorable moments

  • Flying in to La Guardia at 8.00pm the pilot dipped the wings and gave me a view right across Manhattan.
  • The man next to me in the window seat pointed out the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building!
  • Our transfer driver (Iranian) gave us his refugee story.
  • Driving down Lexington Avenue, seeing 5th Ave, so exciting!
  • Sitting on a park bench in Central Park,
  • Watching New York walk by, eating hot dogs and ketchup, and watching the remote yachts.
  • The lights of Time Square. Broadway! The free view of the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island ferry
  • Walking the Brooklyn Bridge.Why I loved it

Safe! Can walk or use the subway - so very accessible. Amazing buildings and art and restaurants.

Frenetic. The people. Want to return in winter now.

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