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1. Arrive at the airport early.

2. Forget how travel used to be – play by the new rules.

3. Practice patience, and be prepared to have it tested.

4. Be nice to check in staff and flight attendants – it’s not their fault some airlines are inherently evil.

5. If you have parked your car at the airport, make a note of where you left it. After a long trip your memory will almost certainly fail you. (Well – mine does)

6. Never place any important document in the front seat pocket – especially not your passport.

7. Visit the toilet before boarding the plane.

8. When on the plane – wear shoes to the bathroom. Bare feet and bad aim are an unpleasant combination.

9. Match each alcoholic drink with at least two glasses of water.

10. Exercise, stretch and go for walks – that’s why I always book an aisle seat.

11. Have great sex the night before you fly. You will be in a better mood and more likely to sleep during the flight.

12. Don’t expect every detail to go as planned. Delays, misconnects and seat problems are just a few of the problems associated with flying.

13. Chat up your seat neighbour once in a while. They could surprise you and be quite interesting. If you don’t try you’ll never know.

14. Keep important medication with you in case your luggage goes missing.

15. When exploring a city on your own, go back a few blocks off the main streets. This is where the locals eat, drink and play at normal prices – not the inflated tourist rates you have been paying.

16. Don’t pay for luggage trolleys at airports – go outside and grab one that someone has left at the curb.

17. A language barrier is not an obstacle – it’s an excuse to avoid small talk and wave your hands wildly.

18. You’re not a traveller if you can’t haggle. Mind you you’re also not a traveller if you haggle for 4 hours – you’re just a cheap bastard.

19. Learn how to tip.

20. When disaster strikes – and it will at some stage – just relax. It’s all part of your adventure and will make for a great story at a later date.

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