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Kuala Lumpur Shopping Hints

06 June 2011


Kuala Lumpur has so many shopping areas from huge department stores to local markets. Whether you’re looking for a bargain or a one off designer outfit. If you want shoes, shoes and more shoes.

My personal favourite is the F.O.S stores on the ground floor of the Sungai Wang Plaza ( next to Mc Donald’s ) really great for US brands and sizing second end of lines etc, so stuff like GAP , Abercrombie and Fitch , Nautica Dickies etc , stock will vary though.

If your after prescription glasses at more than half the price in NZ, A - Look optometrists in Times Square Mall (which is connected to the Berjaya Hotel Times Square) has a great selections and can have your lenses done the same day. This Mall is huge – it even has a theme park with a roller coaster.

While staying a The Traders Hotel, KLCC shopping centre below the Twin Towers has all of the Department Stores in one place, I like this shopping centre because all its shops are located under one roof. Lots of European and UK brands like Top Shop and Marks and Spencer’s. So many shoe shops......................!!!

If you’re an IT enthusiast visit Low Yat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur's largest tech-lifestyle mall for the latest gadgets and gismos.

The Central market is also great for Chinese antiques, crazy Mao and Red Guards stuff, souvenirs, paintings batik etc and the pricing is good, plus they have an awesome t-shirt shop, and a very nice Chinese eatery top floor above main entrance good food and nice air con.


ALWAYS wear slip on shoes when shoe shopping it is way faster and easier to fling them off in the shop when you have five boxes of shoes to try on. (You don’t want to waste time I mean the shops are only open 11 hours a day!!) . (Also don’t take the shoe boxes – they only take up precious space in your suitcase)

A must do to rest your feet while shopping is a Fish Spa. There are several Fish Spas now in KUL; this is originally a Turkish thingy where these little and some not so little fish nibble away the dead skin on your feet leaving them super smooth (honestly).

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