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Every travel experience is unique, but a true highlight is being able to really immerse yourself in the culture of the country you're visiting. That's why it's fantastic to receive emails like this from happy clients:

"Experiencing Locaboat brought up an overriding feeling that we were immediately immersed into a very genuine and authentic French experience. It's a simple thing to live in but the thing I liked most about the barge is that it's so uniquely French and just seems to fit this area so naturally.
We had a good intro on the boat, it really is very easy to operate. It all worked out to be a very cost effective means of travel. The restaurants along the way were well priced, with an average dinner for the two of us being around 40 to 50 euro... including wine. Of course, if you were using your kitchen and cooking, the added costs to this holiday would be minimal and you would still be eating exceptionally well.
We were up early one morning and walked down the river for about 3.5kms to Ginestas. We walked past beautiful buildings and then into the country amongst the vineyards. We all talk about authentic experiences but this holiday tops the bill. It's like the best camping cum bach holiday you've ever had in New Zealand... but added to that is this lovely experience of another culture."

Barges and river cruises are a fantastic way to see UK & Europe from another perspective. Come in and have a chat to us about your unlimited options.

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