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(By Brooke Bailey)

My eyes lit up flying into Las Vegas when I spotted the gleaming skyline on the strip sprouting out of the desert 5 days in Las Vegas was surreal I stayed at New York New York which is built as a miniature New York city complete with a statue of liberty, empire state building and a roller-coaster that goes right through the main gaming floor, the Hotel is situated in towers above the casino I found the rooms large modern and surprisingly quiet the dining options are endless and in typical American style very generous.

There is so much to do in Las Vegas but here are a couple of my favourites A Helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon with a landing Yes it is more expensive than the all day coach tour but who wants to be sitting on a coach for 8 hours with 50 other people only to stand on a viewing platform in 50 degree heat!! My pilot “Chuck” was an entertaining Korean War veteran his sense of humour and knowledge of the area were great, after a 20 minute flight in which we zoomed over the desert and hovered over the Hoover dam we descended to the canyon floor our group of 6 people surrounded by the Grand Canyon it was a once in a lifetime experience which of course we had to toast with a glass of champagne!! Another highlight was flying above the strip flying up close to the towering skyline with Chuck pointing out the penthouses and private jets of the rich and famous.

A trip to Old Vegas which is the original Las Vegas is a must if you fancy a really fun night out and perhaps want to try your hand at gambling then this is the place to go, the gambling is a lot cheaper here with tables starting with a $5 minimum bet you will struggle to find a table on the strip for under $25.

Overall I had a great time In Vegas, not sure if I would visit every year but definitely something you have to do at least once!

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