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Yesterday, a friend, Peter from Inverness, walked through our travel door, with his partner Maggie, 31 years after I had last seen him. I worked in Inverness in 1983 as a very bad waitress, and a much worse jewellers shop assistant. Didn’t assist with much other than wearing all the rings on my fingers out to put in the window each day. Loved Scotland!

That brings me to the fact I have been formally employed in the Travel industry for 30 years.  I came home from Scotland in 1984, by overland truck, three and a half months through countries uch as Turkey, Syria, Iran , Pakistan India and Nepal. Loved it!

Door knocked for a job in Rotorua late January 1985. Elspeth and Patricia at Galaxy Travel decided I was worth a shot, and the rest they say is history.  A great career - we travel everyday, planning and scheming. We play a game in our office, daily, “where are you now?” and it is always fun to hear where we all are, at any one time. Last week, two of us were in Osorno, Chile at the same time! It is easy to stay home, when working with travel every day.

So 30 years later I have many stories to tell! The experiences are essential in getting it right for other travellers.  I counted 54 countries that I have visited, give or take a few, with countries changing names and changing their borders.  There are still a fair few on my bucket list. I have decided to keep on for a few more years to feed my travel habit, and give me something to talk about. Come travelling with me….

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