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I was very privileged last month to have a trip to Samoa for 5 days and as I had never been there before I looked forward to the opportunity. First impressions are always lasting impressions and my first of Samoa was wow! what a great place. Flying into Apia was magnificent. The water was the most beautiful turquoise and aqua blue, the coral was the most amazing jigsaw covering a huge area. The shoreline was golden sand and the interior was mountainous covered with tropical vegetation covering every shade of green you could imagine.

Stepping off the plane was like stepping into a huge vacuum of rushing hot air that just took your breath away for a second or two. Having left Rotorua at 2am in the morning with a temperature of -3degrees we very quickly started to take off the layers of clothes to accommodate the 35degrees we were stepping into. Customs and Immigration was a very slick operation and before we knew it we were climbing aboard the buses to our accommodation. You wouldn’t be in the tropics and not get a tropical downpour and boy was it a downpour that greeted us on our arrival at Aggie Greys Resort and Spa.

As I said first impressions are lasting impressions and I could not help be extremely impressed at the pride the locals had in keeping their Island beautifully clean. The 6 minute journey from the airport to the accommodation was just beautifully clean and well cared for. No rubbish or graffiti to be seen anywhere. Before going through the gates of the resort we travelled alongside the golf course that looked very inviting even for a non-golfer. Magnificent greens and I was informed by my colleagues that did go golfing, it was a very challenging playing course in more ways than one.

First Impressions of Aggie Greys was everything I imagined plus some........ pristine gardens with all the colours of the rainbow plus some, from your room to the sea in one stride or more...... small areas of golden sand...and the most wonderful staff that I am sure were employed for their magnificent smiles and nothing is a problem attitude..... What more could you ask for.

The resort was big and spread out over the gardens and all the rooms seemed to have a view of the sea from both levels. You walked down through the gardens to a very impressive Spa facility that was all very private but set out amongst the trees and greenery.

The heat was amazing – up to 38-40 during the day and down to 30 in the evening. What was just fantastic to see was as we travelled back to the Aggie Greys in the early evening or we were going out early evening along the way in each of the villages we saw all the families outside either playing rugby – young and old - or out sweeping their lawns and tiding the gardens. The early evenings were just the most beautiful time of the day.

I got to see the Robert Louis Stevenson homestead that was just beautiful with the most beautiful gardens but did not get to walk up to the monument – toooooo hot. I took the local ferry over to the Island of Savaii and for a minimum amount had a half day tour to the Lava fields and watched the others swim with the Turtles at the pools. We had a very interesting day and well worth the effort. On the Island of Upolu I took a full day tour taking in Apia, going into the interior and out onto the most magnificent
coast line where the water is every colour<

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