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Marhaba from Dubai

15 June 2009

To sum up Dubai 

It is an unique place. It is still an Arab country governed by Islamic law, however it is infused with Western culture to such a degree that it is difficult to see where one stops and the other begins.

The cliché says that 'Dubai is a giant construction site' and I'm afraid to say that it still holds true. It’s amazing, as everywhere you look there is mall, apartment or Hotel in progress. Each building tries to out do the next, each plan is grander than before and each hotel more exclusive than the one next door. The beaches in Dubai are definitely spectacular. The sea is crystal clear, and the sand a definitive white.

Dubai is a shoppers’ paradise that awaits you in the vast amount of air conditioned malls and the traditional old stores throughout the city. If you love your designer labels or anything gold, you are in the right place.

This place challenges you physically with the heat (38 degrees Celsius when we landed and just below 50 degrees for most of the day). It is a complex place where a multitude of cultures, colours and religions live peacefully side by side. I wouldn't worry about the temps too much as there's loads of things you can do without being out doors so don't let it spoil your holiday.

Highlight - Desert Night Safari

The highlight of our trip was the Desert Night Safari. It is one of the "must do" things when you visit Dubai. The tour gives you an opportunity to see the Golden sand Dunes of Arabia in 4 wheel drives. We were picked up and driven out to the desert. The tyres were deflated and off we went 'dune bashing' where we experienced the thrill of a live roller coaster ride on the sand dunes. We stopped on the highest sand dune to view the beautiful sunset for some breathtaking photographs. Continuing our journey we were taken to a Bedouin Campsite in the heart of the Desert for a evening of camel riding, shisha smoking, belly dancing, Henna painting and a BBQ buffet dinner under the stars. We had a fantastic afternoon/evening - do book one -- it's a blast!

All in all, Dubai is a great stopover destination offering a little of everything. For those who want to spend a little longer in the area, there are some great trips up to Abu Dhabi and the surrounding areas.

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