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13 April 2011


Mauritius – just a hop, skip and a jump from Johannesburg and we were on an India Ocean Island retreat, a lovely add on to our South African holiday.


Located approximately 2000 km to the south eastern coast of Africa and lying east of Madagascar. The Island covers an area of 1865km with 330km of coastline. I really enjoyed the diverse blend of cultures and religions the people of Mauritius enjoy. The population is a melting pot of Hindus, Creole, Chinese, Muslims and Europeans, speaking English and French and are very friendly.


My husband and I stayed in a lovely all inclusive Spa and Resort located in the unspoilt South coast, set on a private peninsula, lapped by the Blue Bay Marine Park, which was rich in sea life. The resort had three private beaches giving us lots of choice when choosing where to lounge on the beach each day. Lots of water sports were available including snorkelling, water skiing, kitesurfing and diving. When not by the sea we enjoyed the golf and just generally wondering around the resort, watching the people do what they do. Included in our package was all food and drinks from the five restaurants serving sumptuous dishes matched with wines from around the world. The bars at the resort seemed to be open day and night serving all kinds of drinks, snakes and treats. Service was fabulous and being spoilt was an all day event.


Mauritius is a volcanic island and is generally sheltered by barriers of coral reefs, which have an abundance of sea life to view when snorkelling or from a submarine, we enjoyed both of these activities, the submarine safari taking me right out of my comfort zone.

We travelled to Grand Bay in the North of the island, which is 65km in length and 45km wide. From one of the hotels we took a boat out, over the reef, to a ship which hosted the excited tourists, who then embarked down a port hole into the submarine. The company running the excursion has scuttled a ship in the area which is now acting as a coral play ground for beautiful fish life. Thesubmarine which took 10 passengers was something I will never forget, not something that was on my bucket list, but one to tell the grandchildren for sure.


What a wonderful holiday we had – lots of food, wine and fun, but as usual too short.

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