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It is at least 18 years since I have been to Melbourne and going again last week just proved to me why I enjoyed this city so much.

The airport is only 20 minutes from the city and really easy with the Airport Shuttle bus going every 10 minutes or just $45.00 in a taxi. The outline of the city is magnificent as you travel in via the very brown dry landscape.

Once, in the city you are presented with the wonderful wide, tree-lined boulevards with parking down the middle of the street in some areas.  The stunning Victorian-era architecture was just extraordinary and just around every corner something more impressive.

We went to the information centre and collected a handful of City of Melbourne Walks and walked from the city to the East Melbourne to look at the elaborate ironwork and lofty verandas on the quaint little house built back in the late 1880’s that have been lovingly preserved and cherished. 2 hours and many photos later were back in the city centre to start the next walk. Great way to see the city.

Shopping – well you have the Paris End of Collins Street where you have a number of the world’s best fashion houses, across Swanston Street you have the affordable fashion shops, over the river at South Wharf you have the Direct Factory Outlets DFO shops or if you are really out for a bargain you have Victoria Market at the top of Queen Street.

My favourite views and photos are those of Melbourne at night. Walking across the Princes Bridge looking both sides was stunning and then down onto the Southbank Promenade that came alive with people every night. Passing some fantastic restaurants with inside and outside tables, lots of buskers and street artists, families enjoying the play areas and people just out for a wander. One night were outside the Crowne Tower Hotel and Casino in time to see the incredible display of fire shooting out of 6 pillars randomly and in unison. After nearly jumping out of my skin at the noise it was a great sight against the dark sky.

Have left Melbourne on the bucket list as I need to go again.

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