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I calculate it's 20 years since I last visited Melbourne, and even then it was only to pass through on my way to Lorne on the Great Ocean Road for a travel conference. Prior to that, it was about 1990... and we stayed at St Kilda for a long weekend. So another visit was well required - and WOW!

First thing I notice - the trams are no longer wooden!!

What a city! Shopping on Steroids.

Food choices that will kill any weight loss programme.

We stayed at the Novotel on Collins. GREAT location - so easy to pop back with shopping bundles! Myers had its Christmas nativity window display all done for us - very English and intricate, attracting wide eyed children and adults alike. Inside, it was a feast of Christmas goodies.

We're privileged to lunch at the MCG, and to visit the Museum there.

Three days is way too quick an interlude but enough to remind me to put Melbourne back on my list of ideal places to visit for another long weekend. It won't be another 20 years this time.

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