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Munich over Oktoberfest with a humbling visit to Dachau.

(By Brooke Bailey)

It has to be done for anyone on their OE, however I would not recommend taking a coach from London with 50 other Oktoberfest bound bodies! After a very long overnight coach trip we arrived in Munich and straight to the Oktoberfest grounds this was my third visit to Munich and it was definitely a little more happening than my previous visits.

I was expecting temporary tents set up in a field, what I didn’t expect was lavish beer halls, rollercoaster’s, stages with performers and lots of family’s something similar to that of the Easter show.

The traditional accommodations for visiting Oktoberfest on a tour the way I did is to stay in one of the many camping grounds these are located out of the centre and are full with like minded beerfest attendees, as the beerfest shuts at around 10pm each night the camping grounds have temporary bars set up to cater for those who want to continue into the wee hours.

An optional trip was offered to us to Dachau concentration camp which I thought was an odd alternative to what we were in Munich for, I had previously visited another concentration camp in Europe called Colditz which I had found very interesting but that was a Hotel compared to what I was about to visit, Dachau is known to be the first concentration camp in Germany I found it a very sombre place to visit and personally didn’t really feel comfortable visiting a place that was effectively a grave for hundreds of thousands of people, but it is a place of historical significance and a place for many to pay their respects, I felt very guilty being able to return to the beer halls and my life after our visit it definitely is a very humbling experience.

If you would like some help planning your visit or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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