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Vanesha’s story - a past valued staff member


I am not sure what I expected from China but loved every minute of it!! and would not hesitate to go back there in a flash! I have returned from China with something that I had always skipped in school and that was a new found love for history!! I could not get enough of it, even though in China there was allot to digest!


Learning about communism in school is very different to being there and seeing it in the present day still being followed, only then do you really grip the reality of it all.


When you’re walking though the Forbidden Palaces & Temples, beautiful examples of Chinese architecture adorn every building on the palace grounds & the whole place comes alive with history as everything is still the same way it was hundreds of years ago......


Beijing is a city that is ancient and modern, as well as the beautiful temples and palaces there are the jaw dropping architectural buildings that tower over the city, and not to forget the Bullet train that reaches speeds of up to 350kmh!! 


The shopping is something that you HAVE to make time for in China.....and would recommend that you travel with less than 1kg on the way over so you can fill your other 22kg’s with shopping!! Handbags, Shoes, New Coats!!! I almost became dizzy with all the excitement!! The only thing that held me back was time!!


I found Beijing very clean (There always seemed to be someone walking around with a dust Pan & Broom!). The accommodations was to a very high standard but I found that communicating in person was going to get results, as communication over the phone can be very exhausting!! And two days later still no ironing board!!!!!


The meals in China were fantastic, they catered for every one with choices of Traditional Chinese’s food (and of course Peking Duck!) to Pizza Hut & McDonald’s!!


I always thought that I wasn’t a group tour person, but I found that the best part of my trip was travelling in a group that I have never met before!! It is fantastic enjoying a new experience with a new group of people and leaving as friends :}


Zai Jian!!!


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