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In no particular order:

Temperature in August  Approx 23 degrees
Tomatoes NZD 10.00 a kilo  
Lettuce NZD 10.00 each
Baguette NZD 2.00
Dinner NZD 30.00-50.00
  A main but you could eat an entree which
could be a salad-good entree portions.
Hamburger NZD 10.00
Wine – anything from

NZD 15.00 a bottle
Huge choice of cheese and meats

Beer NZD 7.00 a bottle
Coffee NZD 7.00

Petrol?  Little cars – very thrifty.

Most fun - the supermarche! And buying our breakfast pain du chocolate and baguettes at the local patisserie. Driving and navigating on the opposite side of the road. Interacting with the shop assistants with minimal French. Relaxing.

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