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New Caledonia - Part 2

12 December 2011


.... Continued from part one

Tjibaou Cultural Center

By taking the local Hop On Hop Off Bus which stops outside the Resort around 08.00am, you can visit the Tjibaou Cultural Center, which is located on the bays of Tina. The work of architect Renzo Piano, it is both a symbol of reconciliation and openness and is a unique place where the Melanesian culture is seen, created, lived, and above all, shared.

Highlight of our stay

It was definitely our 30 minute helicopter ride from the grounds of the Resort out and over the lagoon of New Caledonia that is listed as a “World heritage site” by Unesco. We had amazing views of Anse Vata Bay, Duck Island, Coral Palms resort, the Ever Prosperity wreck, the Amedee Lighthouse and the amazing Barrier Reef with fishermen, divers and surfers all out enjoying themselves.

Amedee Lighthouse

It's a great destination!

It doesn't matter how many times I've visited New Caledonia, there's always a strong sense of déjà vu as soon as I feel the warm air on my face as I step onto the tarmac and hear the welcoming music playing through the terminal ..... this is indeed a lovely destination to wind down, relax and enjoy.

If you're dreaming of going to this delightful holiday destination, then give us a call and have a chat with any of the team at McIntosh Travel... we'll be more than happy to plan it all for you!

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