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Everyone I've ever spoken to that has been to New York has loved it. I have to say that I thought it might not live up to the expectations… but it so did!! What surprised me?

The architecture… I knew that there were old buildings there, but I never expected so many! They're all so beautifully preserved and stand proudly next to modern sky scrapers, making it a truly wonderful skyline. The history of the city is fascinating too and it boasts the world's biggest and best of so many things! 

You want to shop?

New York is undoubtedly THE shoppers paradise.

What about the food

Whatever you feel like is right there and of a very high standard – New York delis were my favourite and I would love someone to start one up in little old Warkworth!! (Any takers?)

Times Square

A place to just stand and take in the lights and action and enjoy the melting pot of humanity that is New York City! 

Empire State building

If you can get up there when there are no queues or for less than an hour wait, then do it because the views are so spectacular and you can see the whole city sprawled beneath you.

Statue of Liberty

The old lady in the harbour is really one of those moments when you have to remind yourself that this is the real thing, and not just something on TV or a movie.

Central Park

I covered probably not even 5% of it but what an awesome place to have in the middle of such a big city! 

And there's more....

Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, Long Island, Manhattan Island, bridges, buildings, parks, water, construction, restaurants, cafes, bars, theatre, comedy, buskers, street stalls, parades, shopping, sightseeing, noise, laughter, history…. New York has it all.

The only down side

The price of accommodation. But if you can get over that, you will without a doubt have a fantastic time!

It's a totally awesome, or should I say, awe inspiring, city!!!

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