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New York

21 February 2012


Standing under the lit up bill boards of Times Square, I had to stop and take a minute to believe how amazing and real it was....

Thousands of people walking around, taking photo’s, eating, laughing!! Even the people busking seemed happy with signs saying they needed money for weed! Seemed like I had just arrived at the biggest party of the year!! There were people walking around giving out free hugs, Cartoon characters walking around posing to take photo’s with you!

I had four nights and five days in New York. Getting shopping in was a very tight squeeze, there was sooo much to do....

The Hop On/Off tour buses is the best way to get around in a limited amount of time. They have 3 Loops covering all the must see sights such as Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Centre, Central Park, Apollo Theatre, Harlem, Wall St, and sooo much more!

New York is one place that you will lose track of time, and time is never enough! At one point I was elegantly trying on new heels in a shoe shop and I wondered what the time was (assuming it might be 7ish) it was actually Midnight! Horrified I asked what time they close, 1am he happily replied!!

No matter how prepared you are for the rush of people, the tall Sky Scrapers and the food, New York just takes your breath

away! New York is the home of Broadway shows! We went to Chicago, and no matter what your taste there is a show to match, at the moment they have Spiderman, Wicked, Mama Mia and about a hundred other shows!  And if you enjoy Stand Up then you will want to go to The Broadway Comedy Club, which features all the best comedians from pollo, David letterman show, and many more.

New York is mostly about Pizza and Cheesecake (practically all I ate for 5 days straight!) but it is also one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. You can find food from all over the world within walking distance of Times Square. (If you can pull yourself away from all the hot dog stands on every corner!!)

Getting around was very easy due to their Grid system, should you lose your bearings, even the police seem happy to help point you in the right direction when needed.....(I was so tempted to ask if they ate doughnuts all the time, but restrained myself!)

Tip: If you get a chance, have lunch at The Plaza Food Hall by Todd English, European-inspired specialty food hall offering the finest fresh, prepared and gourmet foods, offers dine-in and takeaway options from more than eight culinary stations. (There dessert station was the best!!!)

And Icing on the cake has to be taking a horse Drawn Carriage though Central Park!!!

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