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Notes from a very happy client

16 October 2017

Just thought I'd drop a quick note to say that Amy Dixon is a SUPERSTAR. I had quite a terrible experience with my last lot of travel which I booked through Flight Centre in Auckland, so was a bit hesitant to use an agent again, however as Amy is a friend of mine I knew she would look after me.. I didn't realize quite how well though. Despite her being a friend of mine,Ii'm absolutely blown away with her service, accuracy and willingness to go above and beyond. All my documents arrived this morning along with lots of little extra's such as 1Above tablets, duty free vouchers, and all flight details (including flights that were booked through an Australian agent as I'd won a trip through my work). She's been great at following me up as I tend to lose things in my ever growing inbox and always great with price comparisons and advise. Despite being based in Auckland, distance wasn't an issue and everything was easily done across email and phone; including matching up another family members bookings as part of our trip. Thanks to Amy's great organizational skills, I'm heading off on this adventure without a single worry. Will definitely be passing her details on to more friends and using her in the future, what a great member to have on your staff.

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