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Seeing the live scallops and fish in the tank on entry to this quaint Japanese restaurant, and having one put in front of me-
Half scallop shell, with little candle and burner underneath- Scallop cooks while I watch-I am not so sure I want to eat the poor thing. But it is delicious!

I am in Niseko, Northern Japan, Experiencing the skiing.
It is dumping with snow. I cannot contain my glee. Great to be experienced in “white out” skiing with many years at Whakapapa. It is a small village full of many apartments, hotels, restaurants, ski shops and the wonderful “Onsen”. The Japanese hot communal bathing so good to ease the sore ski muscles.

The ambience here is magic. There are three ski areas as good as anything in new Zealand. Famous for its Powder, Niseko is popular with Australians but I meet only one Kiwi. 

As for a choice of ski destination, compared to North America or Europe? Yes for the following reasons. Different culture, language, food, and “the onsen”! Good airfares. Lift prices a third of New Zealand’s prices.Can rent skis for the price the airline charges to carry your ski bag. Niseko famous for its powder snow, but this year they had no snow falls for most of February.

So like any ski area-it is dependant on the weather. And there are pros and cons no matter where you choose to travel. Niseko is low-no altitude issues. Not as extensive as areas in Canada, America or Europe-but enough to keep most of us happy.

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