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Like my colleague, Vanesha, I am abandoning the office for a few days and heading to the island of Niue, sandwiched between Tonga and Rarotonga.

I have completed the Bag packing...then looked at it, and taken half of it out again, and put it all back in the wardrobe. I am guessing it will be like going to a bach at the beach.

I will wear the same pair of shorts all week, and everything else will sit in the bag.

I have purchased reef shoes (3.50!), and raided my sons drawers for his rash top.

I have a raincoat –just in case-always seems a bit pessimistic packing a raincoat.

My main luggage is a “Go-Pro” camera. I have had lessons on turning it on and off (!)

And how to recharge the battery. I am hoping we get some snorkelling footage, and general Niue terrain. I am keen to hire a bike, and check out the scenery on two wheels.

My aim is heading back to Niue in a years time-with a group of Rotorua mountainbike crazies to take out the title of the legendary “Race the Rock”- a mountain bike race held at Queen’s Birthday each year consisting of a 40km and a 60km. The maximum climb is 100m.

So I am on a recce for that. It is all work!

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