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21st April
5am start to this morning. Heavy rain so no ballooning. Try again tomorrow morning. A fabulous day starting with a visit to a pottery factory with some of the most gorgeous crated pottery. The rest of the day was spent exploring the most magnificent pinnacles of all shapes and sizes out from Goreme. We visited 3 amazing sights. Lunch was a traditional Turkish lunch at a caravan serai at Avanos. The last hour was at the Goreme outdoor museum. Tonight is a traditional dance show in a cave.
24th April

7.30am and we are the road making our way to Gallipoli. Leaving behind the gorgeous city of Kusadasi. We have a five and half hour drive to the ferry and then the waiting will start. Everyone in great spirits and prepared for the next 36 hours.
10.35am and we are full steam ahead to Gallipoli. Gorgeous day. Forcasted for 9 tonight and 19 tommorrow. On Wednesday
we had a wonderful morning in Pamukkale. We started with the linen factory shop and then onto the best part, the stunning white terraces. I saw the first of the wonderful red poppies. They were stunning and first of many we will see. Iraced around seeing everything I could before being picked to Hand gliding over the area. A first for me and 6 of the others. The wind was marginal but we all managed to get a very exhilarating flight down over and around the terraces. It was then another long drive to Kusadasi. We had a great show with the Whirling Dervishers. About to cross the Dardenelles from the Asian side to the Peninsula. 7 Warships parked up in the Dardenelles on protection duty.

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