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Vanesha’s story - a past valued staff member

With all the excitement of getting on the cruise, it is essential that you don’t forget to prebook your taxi or transfer to the cruise ship even if you’re staying two streets away from the wharf, as there are approximately 2,000 other people trying to get a taxi for the cruise ship at the same time as you!!

Once you get to the wharf, you have to proceed through immigration, which takes about 40mins depending on the rush. There they will provide each passenger a cruise card, with which you can buy drinks, ice cream & duty free on board with! You can put money on the card and only spend that or you can provide your credit card details, and clear the amount with cash or card at the end of your cruise!!

I have always thought that I would be bored on a cruise, there couldn’t possibly be enough things on board to keep an extremely active person like me busy, especially as I don’t like confined space! I have never been so wrong EVER!

From the moment that I got on the cruise, I was amazed by the sail away party!! There were all these fantastic cruise staff dancing and loud music and cocktails being made everywhere! And from there on it was just a huge party continually!! During the day there were also all sorts of classes (Cocktail making, Belly Dancing, etc.) all over the ship perfectly timed with each other, that was if I could stop eating!!! There were Las Vegas style shows every evening at 6.30 & 8.30pm & late night comedy shows in the Bars (which gave me a stomach ache by laughing too much after eating too much!)

Just in case a 3 course breakfast & lunch wasn’t enough, you could do what I did and finish your lunch, walk up to your cabin, and walk back down again for High Tea just before Dinner!! But then I was planning of burning most of that of by staying at the night club till 5am!! Drinks on board are very reasonably priced at $9.90 for cocktails and $2.50 for soft drinks. And in case you get hungry (I don’t think it’s possible) you can have a large pizza made for $7.00 until 4am from the Pizzeria!! I don’t recommend that you do any house work on your cruise, but if like me you miss your house work there is a self service Laundry! And is only $3 dollars for a load of washing or dryer!

The staff are amazing on board, they have their stories, and huge smiles and all ways make you feel welcome!!! For every one out there who thought that cruising was not for them (like me!) you have to try it once........and I am sure that you will become my repeat World Traveller!

Cruising is fantastic value for families.......all accommodation, food, entertainment, kids club, swimming is included in the one price!!!! Come in for our great specials today!!! Looking forward to my next cruise with my family!!!

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