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Our expert tips, ideas & insider info for Chile

04 December 2018

    Chile is 2018s must go to destination according to Lonely Planet. With its wide variety of climates and diverse landscapes.
    Experience stargazing in the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world.

    • Go hiking in one of the most inspiring national parks, Torres del Paine in Patagonia. If you look East, this is where Easter Island lies with its giant moai statues, it is a mysterious place to visit.
    • Enjoy untouched and remote areas in Patagonia and discover the beauty of the Lake District.

    For all these adventures, there is not a better launching pad than Santiago a vibrant metropolis that is flanked on each side by the Andes. These are our top things to do before you to launch into your Chile adventure

    • A day trip to Valparaiso, the port of Santiago is worth the 120km journey each way. There are colourful houses built on a steep hill and is famous for the amazing graffiti. Elevators take you up and down the steep slopes and wandering the narrow alleys is fascinating. Combine with a stop at a winery on the way back to Santiago.
    • Go to the old central market, near the Plaza de Armas. A great place for lunch in the centre of the old building.
    • Taxis are a good way to get around but take an official taxi. Leave your valuables in the hotel safe to avoid petty theft, especially on the subway.
    • Providencia district, just east Lastarria, is a long strip of shops, restaurants and cafes is probably one of the best areas to relax and enjoy the great food and wine
    • Discover Barrio Italia, a little-known neighbourhood boasting boutique shops, local cuisine and a charming vibe
    • Take a morning markets bike tour through bohemian neighbourhoods, past buildings rich in culture and history and through lively markets.
    • Visit Cerro Santa Lucia for awesome views. This is the hill on which Santiago was founded in 1541.

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