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For years I have been sending the explorer, adventurer and the true blue travellers to Peru for all sorts of reasons but the Highlight has always been to visit Machu Picchu. I have travelled the journey with them in my mind and been jealous.

On the way back from my recent Cuba trip we had 6 days in Peru starting with a city tour of Lima which completely changed my mind. Loved the city.

It was a short flight over the mighty Andes to Cusco and boy did that slow us up. Cusco lies at an altitude of 11,152 feet, so the effects were instant. The city was surrounded by mountains, the streets were narrow and cobbled stoned, the buildings old and magnificent, just a gorgeous city. We had the night and then out the next morning to travel down in altitude to the Sacred Valley, visiting ruins and a huge market along the way. We stayed the night in the valley only 20 minutes away from Ollantaytambo where the next day we caught the train. The train was sparkling clean inside and out and a real picture as we wandered alongside the river for 100km to Aguas Calientes. Excitement was building. It was then just a 2 Kilometre bus trip up a steep winding road to the ancient citadel. The entrance was very well organised and at this time of the day full of people arriving and also a few leaving who had been early birds on the mountain to see the Sunrise.

Our exercise was about to start with a good hike up a narrow track of steps only to arrive at the top to a visual symphony of mountains enclosing what we were there to see MACHU PICCHU. It was just breathtaking to the point you just did not know where to look first and on rounding each corner the view just go better. We had a guide with us who then took us on the tour explaining the history of the ruins and the people who lived here from the mid 15th century. The ruins were only discovered in 1911 and now named one of the 7 new wonders of the world. After the tour we were able to spend time ourselves just wondering so I then went to the area known as the Inka Bridge which was breathtaking and scary at the same time.

Later in the day Machu Picchu was basking in sunshine with the most magnificent blue sky so another 200 photos to take.........

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