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Planes, trains and automobiles - but no trains this time

I've just experienced Air New Zealand's Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Auckland to Melbourne, and then Boeing 777-300 from Melbourne to Auckland. This is my first experience flying the Dreamliner and I'd have to say that it's very comfortable. And easy.

The touch screen entertainment system on both planes are on demand as soon as I'm seated - which is a treat - and I immediately start to watch Richie McCaw's movie.

The 777-300 is an older plane, and the 3-4-3 seat configuration a little more cramped. But on this flight the crew are amazing - with one stewardess in particular! Nothing is too much trouble & it reminds me that the plane may be important, but it's the crew that makes the biggest difference.

Air New Zealand is familiar and friendly, and both planes are full of Kiwis. They do things our way. I like this. It makes me feel secure.

We drove to Auckland for the flight, and I booked the Valet parking at Auckland International Airport. Easy! And close! Plus car was shiny clean on return. Once again, it was friendly helpful Kiwis soothing our stressed driving nerves when we arrived. I will absolutely do this again.

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