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After looking forward to the trip for quite a while… the day had finally arrived! At the Auckland Airport we crossed our fingers that we would be allowed to keep the stroller with us until boarding time and luckily we could, so that was a relief.


Five seats between us – sweet! But were we missing something??? – everyone was lugging duty-free booze except us (note to self – take some wine next time – alcohol is rather expensive in Fiji). Flight went very well, with Miss 15-mths falling asleep without me even realising it while sitting on my knee – must’ve been the mild turbulence!  Master 4.5 was entertained with the in-flight entertainment just fine thank you.  Just 3 hours later we landed in Nadi – quick trip on minibus to Denarau Marina then 40-minute boat trip to Plantation Island. Finally arrive as it’s getting dark. Oh no, pouring with rain – but very warm.


Friendly locals escorted us to our ‘bure’ – wow it was a little dated but HUGE. The space made up for the slightly wornout state. Everyone exhausted after a long day, kids asleep by 7:30pm… parents not much later! No television or DVD player in sight – just like the brochure said – be good for us and kids to go without for a week (let’s just hope it doesn’t rain the whole time or I’ll be in trouble!!)  Next day – hooray – sunny and HOT. Time to explore the island. But first: Breakfast. Fresh fruit heaven… plus usual
suspects - pastries, toast, cereal. No peanut butter or nutella though – thank goodness for Vegemite (Master 4.5 decided “It’s OK Mum – it tastes just like Marmite.”).


Time to hit the beach – water pee warm – maybe 27, 28 degrees… even I venture in. Wow fish all around us and it’s only knee deep. Don’t have a “beach-front” bure but at about 10 metres away I reckon it’s as good as. Free use of snorkeling gear and kayaks, awesome. 

Quick shower to get sand out of those crevaces then off to lunch. We decide on ‘light’ option and hit the takeway bar – menu a bit sparse but chips and burgers are very good. Washed down with a couple of Fijian Gold’s and life’s looking good.

Dad and Master 4.5 back to beach while I decide to visit the local ‘Supermarket’ to stock up on snacks for kids. Get lost trying to find bure (they all look the same)… OK found it, put food away, bubs asleep in pram – oh well, lie down and read for a bit (bliss). Find others at beach and drag them off to hit one of the pools (there are 3) – lovely and refreshing.


Dinner – different buffet theme each night. Mostly pretty good, including an interesting local feast similar to a hangi one night – we give everything a try – not all of it we like! There’s also an a-la-carte restaurant called Anandas a short walk away with excellent food. Not much entertainment in main restaurant until 9:00ish – kids couldn’t last that long, so early nights for everyone. Read more in that week than last six months! 


Each day pretty much the same – breakfast – beach – shower –

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