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Ever thought about swimming with penguins?!  We know of a company offering a first - the opportunity to snorkel in Antarctica! It’s led by expert polar diving guides where you brave the conditions to view penguins entering and exiting from the ice, sculpted icebergs below the water and little known, rarely seen marine life.

You have the opportunity to snorkel daily at unique sites with amazing wildlife viewing – all equipment included for you - special waterproof snorkeldrysuits, gloves, hood, fins, mask & snorkel. Also chances to scuba dive & kayak. You are well looked after on this trip with most meals and excursions included. Plus onboard the cruise there are lectures,  videos, slide and film shows + guide  services and specialist expedition staff to make the most of this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity.

Check out 1 of the 2 voyages available offering polar snorkelling!

Across the Antarctic Circle (10 days)

Join us as we venture towards the line, and discover a whole new world of rarely explored bays and coves; a treasure trove of exciting and remote new places, where only a few are fortunate to visit.  This is a journey filled with wonderful discoveries and the joy of exploration in an untouched wonderland. With regular landings on our zodiacs, we walk among the multitude of penguin rookeries and seal colonies in the vicinity of Deception Island, Gerlache Strait, Paradise Bay and the Lemaire Channel.

Throughout the voyage there are ample opportunities to enjoy our wildlife encounters, and the dramatic landscapes of the most pristine region of the planet, under the guidance of our expert staff and crew. 

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