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Postcard from Honolulu

06 August 2015

Just thought I'd update you on our trip as we had an absolutely awesome time in Honolulu! We were on the 10th floor of our hotel and the apartment was very close to everything we wanted - the beach and the shops. We felt that our beach was actually better than Waikiki as it wasn't so crowded. After having such an awesome view I wouldn't want to stay anywhere else. We walked around to the Hawaiian Hilton - which had fabulous facilities for dining and wining, and we checked out the Sheraton that had a lot going on with a light show into the pool each night at 9, free bands & ocean views... but not much beach in front of it. We even saw a turtle feeding on the rocks below our apartment and dolphins swimming out in the sea. We also took a tour around the island, went snorkelling and spent a day at Pearl Cove. Hawaiian Airlines was great! Thanks for all your help, advise and bookings. Mahola!

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